Wardrobe and Storage Cupboard

The large built in cupboard is off the main bedroom. It’s an odd shape for a wardrobe as it is by far deeper than it is wide. The client had a free standing rail in here, tied to the wall to keep it steady. When we untied it to move it for sorting, the rail fell apart and we had to sort the clothes there and then. The client cleared out so many of her hanging clothes that they all fitted in the stand alone wardrobe in the spare room. 


There are high shelves in the built in cupboard and the space was not being put to best use. We moved seldom used items to the high shelves. Clearing out the hanging clothes made space in the cupboard for the vaccum cleaner and ironing board, and the client’s many pairs of boots! The longer term plan is to have a hanging rail put in across the back of the cupboard, to store coats.


The final pictures here are the standalone wardrobe in the spare room. This was cleared out too, and clothes sorted so like things were together. The client was also able to put a large basket full of handbags in the bottom of the wardrobe, and use the top of it to store her most often used travel bag; and to safely store hats.



Before and After