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Making a Happier Home
Three months after a liberating two days with wonderful Jude, I can honestly say that I still thank her every single day.

Making a Happier Home

Three months after a liberating two days with wonderful Jude, I can honestly say that I still thank her every single day.

I live in a small flat with two dogs, and since down-sizing dramatically 4 years ago, had been lurching about in what can best be described as chaos… My flat was filled with things I didn’t need, but that I had some kind of unexplained attachment to – the place was starting to make me feel trapped. As someone who juggles depression, I suspect all this clutter was not helping things.

And then Jude arrived. What a breath of fresh air. She was gentle, kind and enquiring about how I lived life in my flat. She wanted to understand where the blockages and barriers were occurring so that she could help in the best way possible.

We discussed room use, looking to the future, and how best to make sure that my flat was a pleasurable and fun place to live in that I could be proud of.

Two days of seriously hard work later (my goodness it was FUN!!) and I can’t remember having felt so liberated and optimistic in a loooong time. I could suddenly think clearer, open those cupboards I was previously scared of facing, and be confident that all those skeletons were definitely no longer lurking in the closets.

I still thank Jude every morning when I open my underwear drawer (Jude, it’s still as immaculate as the way you left it!) I can lay my hands on things immediately, and most importantly, with Jude’s expert, thoughtful help I am now able to look to the future, and start a new chapter.

Mrs S, Edinburgh

A Clothes Clear Out and Re-organisation

Jude helped me clear out and organise my clothes. We created much more space than I thought we would – I even had an empty drawer. I did clear out quite a lot but the big difference is in how things are organised. I love being able to see all of my clothes and the way they are organised makes it easy for me to choose what to wear and to keep them like that. I wear more of my clothes now. Jude also motivated me to declutter and better organise other areas in my home – it feels much lighter now – lovely to live in. I felt that Jude kept me focused throughout the process and asked questions that needed to be asked. I didn’t feel pressure to get rid of things but it was easier to do so with an objective eye at hand.

I would recommended others to use Jude not only in organising clothes but other areas in their house .An excellent motivating experience which I would definitely recommend others to try . A big thank you to Jude !

Mrs G, Falkirk

Thank You Decluttering Guru

Thank you Jude. 

If the clutter mountain was real, I am at least half way up and That Feels Amazing. I’m looking forward to completing this climb and future expeditions. I don’t think I am a solo climber!!! No way could I have done it without you. 

I can’t believe how much scope there was to improve the house without even tackling my bugbears, the office and garage. So, now the hardest bit is done, just got to keep to the plan. That’s not difficult because each step works even better than I imagine. I’m anticipating making it look lovely and having more energy for everything. Exciting😃😃😃😃…. 

And a further update from Mrs S

I am still completely over the moon with myself! My friend thought it was all fantastic kept saying ‘Look at your house -wow!!’ – I was so proud 😝 thanks to you.

The kids were really excited to be home and are all delighted with their rooms. 

A sat down and played her piano immediately. She loved it all – the whole house.

B especially liked all his books being in the drawers under his bed.

The three of them were sent up to unpack & put away their holiday clothes that didn’t need washing. I didn’t think this was likely to be successful without supervision (neurotic mother!) but A and B did put everything away. I looked in the drawers and although A had just shoved items in, everything was in the correct drawers in both their rooms. That amazed me. They responded to their lovely rooms by wanting to keep them orderly (fanciful thinking?!) Long may it continue anyway.


Mrs S, Fife

Organising a sewing room, and making best use of cupboard space‘

Jude came and created a bit of magic in my sewing room/spare room. I was surprised that not much was thrown out but everything has a place now and I have loads of floor space. I enjoyed it so much that I had Jude back to help with my hall cupboard and my other spare room.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. Jude works with you and her enthusiasm makes tidying and decluttering fun which I didn’t think was possible whilst still being professional.’

Julie, Alloa

Creating a multi functional dining room and office, and the motivation to tackle other areas

 I feel like I’ve gained an extra room without moving house – every home should have a Jude! She is energetic, enthusiastic, innovative and determined – and cheery with it!! Many thanks once again.

Jim, Falkirk

A clothes clear out and re-organisation

Jude did a fantastic job of helping me declutter my clothes. She was really good at explaining what she could offer and she made the actual experience both easy and fun. She had so many great (and cheap) ideas for improving how I stored clothes. In addition – and this was an unexpected bonus – her suggestions have changed the way I choose outfits to wear, which I know will make it easier to buy and keep only the clothes I love.

Sarah, Edinburgh

Creating study and relaxation space in a child’s room (age 12)

When my son saw his room he went on screaming for minutes. He must have kissed me 20 times. He loved it! He is so happy with his room he now does his bed and warns me not to touch anything. He wasn’t half as excited with his laptop this Christmas!

Mrs M, Edinburgh