Spare Room to New Office


You can see in the before pictures that this room was a spare room come laundry room come storage room when I first saw it. It was very rarely used as a spare room and the client decided to get rid of the single bed to make room for something else – she thought about a second sitting room, a walk in wardrobe or an office. This was a full home declutter and at the end of the first full day the new purpose of the room was still undecided.


The client decided on an office after it was clear that her clothes fitted well into other spaces, and that her lounge was going to be lovely and usable for what she wanted. The missing thing was a work area. 


The wooden trunk now contains the extra bedding and towels. We went through each drawer of the bureau and it is ordered enough for the client to go through in detail in her own time. 


After we’d cleared out the main storage cupboard in another room, there was room for the ironing board and vacuum cleaner to be rehoused there.

Before and After