Master Bedroom


The main changes in this bedroom are hidden away in the drawers. We went through every drawer, one by one, cleared them out and organised them to locate like clothes together. We moved out of season clothes and sports clothes to the spare room. The pictures of the before and after drawer show how much more usable the drawers were after they were sorted. The client was surprised at the amount of space created by going through each drawer in this way.


The old pots of paint and decorating materials were cleared out of the space in the window seat. We moved extra duvets and pillows to this space instead. The cushions on the window seat were moved from another room where they were no longer needed.


Boots were all put away in the cleared out storage cupoard. The lovely lemon quilt on the bed was found in the storage cupboard where it had been kept as “too good to use”. The client decided to enjoy it every day and put it on the bed. 


Before and After