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How can you save time by decluttering and organising your stuff? In lots of ways! Decluttering and organising means you will spend less time tidying up, less time cleaning, less time looking for lost items and shopping to replace them, less time deciding what to wear, less time tidying out your wardrobe and less time shopping for clothes that you don’t need and won’t wear.

Let’s start with why you spend less time tidying up. Once we’ve decluttered and organised your home there will be a home for everything. This means it will be much quicker to tidy up – no procrastinating about where something should go or what you might find if you go into THAT cupboard.  Nothing’s going to fall out of the cupboard and hit you. You’re not going to stumble across something that triggers a bad memory. You’ll just calmly put items back where they belong – you will form the habit of doing this as you go along and tidying up will take hardly any time at all.

Reading that back it sounds like I am trying to cast a spell over you! But it’s absolutely true. How much time do you spend now trying to tidy things away when they don’t have a proper home? You have to repeat the process again and again because there’s no real place for things to go.

It will also take less time to clean your home. Firstly because your home will be much tidier and easier to keep clean and secondly because there will be less stuff to clean. If cleaning isn’t something you enjoy you might now choose to spend almost no time cleaning your home by hiring a cleaner to do it for you. The journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” recently published the results of a study carried out in Vancouver that showed people who paid others to do tasks they disliked doing themselves were happier. This extra happiness was attributed to freeing up time they would have otherwise had to spend doing the tasks themselves.

You’ll spend less time looking for lost things and shopping for replacements when you can’t find something. According to an article in the International Organisation of Scientific Research Journal of Business and Management we waste on average between 16 and 55 minutes each day looking for lost stuff. Even at the lowest end of that scale it adds up to nearly 100 hours or just over 4 full days a year. At 55 minutes a day that’s nearly 335 hours, or almost 14 full days a year.

According to James Wallman in Stuffocation, the average woman in the UK has 22 pieces of clothing in her wardrobe she has never even worn. Is that you? How long did it take to buy 22 pieces of clothing? How long do you spend each day staring into your wardrobe or drawers – all stuffed full of clothes – but seeing nothing you want to wear?

We’ll declutter your wardrobe so you will only have clothes in it that you like and that fit you. Then we’ll organise it so you can see them all too. This includes your drawers. I’ll show you a simple way to organise your clothes so that you have a small but ever changing selection to make your initial choice from, making it easier and faster to get dressed.

This system also means that you’ll notice what you do and don’t wear. As a result, you’ll be able to make changes to your wardrobe on an ongoing basis – whether it’s decluttering an item that you’ve noticed you never choose to wear, or whether it’s filling a wardrobe gap you can be confident in your decisions. Importantly you’ll make these decisions almost without thinking as you become familiar with your clothes again. You won’t spend extra time clearing out your wardrobe and you won’t spend time shopping for clothes you don’t need.

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