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People often call me for help when they feel they are running out of space. They might be considering whether they need to extend or move house to gain the space they need. The costs of both extending and moving house vary considerably but decluttering and organising your existing home to gain space will cost much less than either.

According to, it will cost around £1,000 per metre square to build a good standard single storey extension in Scotland. So adding a small room of 4m x 3m will cost around £12,000.

The costs of moving are more difficult to estimate but may include:

    • Preparing your house to go on the market – decluttering and organising, cleaning, repairs and decorating to prepare your property for viewings


  • Cost of preparing a home report. Allied Surveyors Scotland PLC, one of Scotland’s largest independent firms of chartered surveyors,  says that the most common value of a residential property in Scotland is between £100,000 and £200,000 and a typical Home Report cost in this range will be £350-£400 + VAT.


  • Estate agent’s commission (this can vary from 1.5 to 4 per cent of the selling price plus VAT)
  • Advertising costs if you’re marketing the property yourself
  • Solicitor’s fees. advises to allow between £500 and £1,500 for solicitor’s fees.
  • Mortgage arrangement fees if you are planning on buying a new property and transferring your mortgage
  • Mortgage redemption fees if you are planning on paying up your mortgage early
  • Moving costs. According to, for local moves removal companies charge an average of £50-£60 per hour for 2 men and a van with a 2-hour minimum charge. For long distance moves, removals charge a fixed price anywhere between £450 for a 1 bed flat and £1000 for a 4 bedroom house.

I charge £35 per hour and the average amount my clients have paid over the last 6 months is £700. This ranges from 3 hours decluttering and organising a teenager’s bedroom to 45 hours decluttering and organising a 4 bedroom house. Wherever your needs are on the scale, it will cost you considerably less to gain space through decluttering and organising than by extending or moving house.

Some examples of spaces I’ve gained with clients are:

  • space for activities such as sewing, studying and crafting
  • space for a dining room in an office
  • space for a dressing room in a storage room
  • space for organised craft and clothes storage in a previously cluttered loft space
  • space in a bedroom for a sitting area

There are smaller ways that decluttering and organising means you will save money too.

  1. You’ll know where to find things so you won’t have to keep buying the same things again and again because you don’t know where they are .
  2. You’ll shop more mindfully and the chances are you will buy less than you did before. Buying less is often triggered by people seeing the amount of stuff they get rid of and roughly assessing how much it’s cost them over the years. You’ll think twice about buying more unnecessary stuff that will end up being given away or thrown out in another few years’ time.
  3. People love the feeling of organised calm that comes with a decluttered and organised home. You won’t want to fill it with more stuff.
  4. You’ll be able to access all of your clothes in your wardrobes and drawers easily.  You won’t buy duplicate pieces of clothing because you can’t find what you’re looking for or have forgotten what you already have.
  5. Being more organised in the kitchen means less food waste. Small changes here in terms of menus and shopping lists save you not only money but time and energy too.
  6. You’ll enjoy being at home and not need to spend so much money to have fun elsewhere.

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