How To Create More Space In Your Home

What I love to do most is help you fall in love with your home again. For this to happen, your home has to give you the space to do what you want and need to do. For a couple of my clients this has been fairly fundamental stuff. One busy Mum of 3 children loved to sew and knit and was also studying for an OU degree yet there was no space in her home that was just for her. Her husband who sometimes worked from home had an office, the children all had their own bedrooms but she had no specific space that was just for her. After discussing different options of how the space in the house could be used, we created a sewing space in a lovely recessed window in her lounge, and we created an area in her bedroom that she could use for studying. We located the sewing stuff in the sewing space and the study stuff in the study space.

Another busy working Mum with 2 children was living in a home she wanted to get on the market. Her ex partner still lived there too and my client was sharing a room with one of her children. She had not even a tiny space that was just for her. Here’s what she said about what we did:

“Within a few minutes of arriving and looking around the house, Jude realised that I had nowhere in the house anymore which was my own space.  She set about showing me how I could change this.  When she left after the first session, I had a corner of the house that was mine and what a profound difference that made.”

Some other examples of spaces created with clients are:

  • Created space for a home office in a spare room/storage room
  • Created a children’s homework area under the stairs.
  • Created a crafting area in the kitchen.
  • Created lots of unexpected space in wardrobes and drawers, meaning clothes can be better organised.
  • Created space in a large walk in storage cupboard for it to be used to file business papers, this in turn freeing up space to create a new living space.
  • Created a dressing room in a spare room/storage room.
  • Created clutter free bedrooms with space to relax and sleep.
  • Reclaimed rooms for their original purpose – dining room, laundry room, bedrooms.
  • Whole house declutters, tackling all cupboards and generally creating the feeling of space by everything having a home.

We all want space for different things

Decluttering frees up physical space in your home but also frees up mental space too. I was reminded recently working with a client in Edinburgh that we all want to use space for different things.

This client craved the physical space and when we cleared her hall it made her feel lighter and happier. She described an urge to put fluffy dusters on her feet and slide the length of the hall. A joyful image and so different from what could have been possible before.

I had one client speak to me 2 years after we worked together to say that what we’d achieved (we decluttered and organised her beautiful 2 bedroom flat in Stockbridge) had given her the space to think about what she really wanted to do. She was about to reduce her full time hours at work to follow her passion and she attributed the change to the work we’d done.

Another client felt able to tackle her unhappy living situation, take the action needed to sell her home and move on to the next exciting stage in her life.

What would you do with more space in your home and in your head? What’s the life you want to be living?


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