A dual purpose dining room and office


When I first saw this room I thought it was an office. The “before” pictures are actually part way through the declutter. It wasn’t until our second session that I understood the room was a dining room and the client wanted to use it as a dining room again. The goal previously had been to sort the paperwork so the client felt better able to prioritise his work. We worked together and made the room truly multifunctional. The client was able to eat dinner with his daughter in the room that night and was really delighted. 

The reason I was called in was to help to sort paperwork. The client felt that he didn’t know what was there any more and was worried that there was work in piles that he should be doing, but he didn’t know about them. He also felt overwhelmed and didn’t know what other work he could take on. He was getting calls about work but felt he couldn’t plan anything. We went through all the paperwork and sorted it out into work to be done, papers to be filed, a lot of recycling, a lot of shredding and we also found completed work that just needed to be sent off and the client then got paid. Sorting out this room meant the client was able to priortise his work and take on new work again. 

A multifunctional room and 2 goals achieved – eating at the dining table again and being able to prioritise and take on more work.

Before and After